Introducing Enlighten™; the most advanced laser system for the effective and safe removal of tattoos and benign pigmented lesions. There are several factors that influence the success of the laser removal treatment such as:

  • Number of fluorescent versus darker colors used to make tattoo
  • Pigment/color of skin tone
  • Number of treatments
  • Time duration of each treatment
There are usually several weeks between treatments to allow the skin to heal and the absorption of the treatment to take affect.  A person’s immune system and the ability for the area of skin to heal plays a significant factor in the treatment.  Post-treatment care is extremely important as well.  Since the laser being used is completely sterile, there is not a need for a topical antibiotic; usually something similar to a wound dressing is applied. Unlike older laser technology, Enlighten is dramatically less painful and the chance of scarring is far less.  The Enlighten laser offers the latest pico-second laser tattoo removal technology available to provide you the outcome you desire.